This is the 'Changelog' of our Mod. Here you can check all the edits that were made. Some will be internal, and some public.

Here you can check the latest versions, and what was implemented in them. You can also check features which changed or were removed, and ask for a reversal or a compromise.

No Lions, no Tigers, just Bears, oh my!

New Mobs:

- Ursapines - Bears with Spines, who will stop at nothing to get your precious Honey! And/or Flesh.

- Cave Ursapines - Live in Caves with their Baby. Will return at night.
- Wandering Ursapines - Live everywhere, and wander around the map.

- Baby Ursapine - Tameable and adorable!

New Objects:

- Ursapine Cave - Homely!

New Items:

- Ursapine Claws - Spiky!

- Ursapine Pelt - Fluffy!

New Craftables:

- Fancy Vest - Dapper and warm!

- The Logan - Gloves with Ursapine Claws on the end! Ouch!

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